We believe in building software with a human face. MobME Wireless—the team behind FastAlerts—is also building themost promising mobile value added services company in India. We're proud to say that we've got the best customer support in the industry. We're affable, approachable and always there to hear what you have to say.

Over 7 years of Customer Satisfaction

Over our 7 years of operations, we've served every industry sector and niche. Banks like ING Vysya, ICICI Bank and AXIS Bank, financial institutions like Muthoot Corp and even behemoths like Indian Oil Corporation all swear by our solution.

Detailed FAQs for Common questions

Although our Brilliant SMS interface is so easy that you'll most likely not need it, we have got a detailed frequent asked questionsdocument for everybody new to SMS. If you need more help, just call us up or send us an email.

Affordable Pricing

For all of its features, FastAlerts also offers extremely competitive pricing. Nobody else in the industry pairs our dedication to customer support, user experience, operations and engineering support with our unmatchable pricing. See the Pricing page for current plans.

Emergency Email Support

Email support: fastalerts@mobme.in
We've been known to reply to customer emails late in the day or on weeekends. Email us if you've got a billing difficulty, SMS delivery issues or if you would just like to chat. We love talking to our customers.

Regular Phone Support

Phone Support: Meenu at +91 8589060888.
Phone Support is available during regular office hours. We promise that you won't ever have a computer listening to your troubles and there won't be any "customer support executives" reading out of a manual. People who pick up your phone are the ones who run FastAlerts Operations.

Our operations team is the best in the business: we handhold you through regulatory changes and provide you the best custom support and services you'll find.

Complete NCPR Regulatory Compliance

TRAI or the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is an active and dynamic body that regularly comes with customer-friendly regulations. We do the hard work for you so that the SMS messages you send are always compliant to the latest norms. We'll communicate transparently and early on updated termination charges, new DND developments like NCPR, and help you get the best experience you can.

Transactional and Promotional SMS

If you represent a bank, financial institution or a registered company, we can help you send transactional messages that are exempt from most TRAI restrictions on promotional SMS. It'll work out cheaper too! We expedite the difficult and time-consuming process of talking to every mobile operator and will let you get started quick.

Supports all Indian Operators

India has the largest mobile penetration in the world today. This is largely because of over 14 mobile operators that have sprung up everywhere. We work with the big ones: Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance CDMA & GSM, and smaller circle-level operators: like MTNL Mumbai and BPL Mobile so that you get the same speed of delivery everywhere.

Robust Gateways

We often have multiple partner gateways in high-volume circles so that your SMS is never delayed or clogged up. During high-traffic days like public holidays or New Year's eve, we bulk up capacity so you don't miss a beat. FastAlerts also provids International Gateways on demand, so you can use the same industry leading interface to send messages to your international customers.

We're so confident of our Integration API, we use it ourselves on this site!

FastAlerts was created by a team of passionate engineers. We provide excellent libraries for all common platforms and provide integration from both desktop and server-side software. If you've got an app that needs to send SMS, we can work with you.


The API is so easy that you can even use it from a command-line! It provides you immediate feedback and you can do everything you can do from the site: schedule messages, upload a file, work with different "from" addresses, and even upload Excel files!

Libraries for .NET, PHP, Java, Python and more

We have prebuilt libraries and example projects for all common platforms, so you don't have to import or build projects yourself. It's so easy to get started if you're a developer!

Developer Support for Integration

If you'd like us to do some custom development, help us track down a bug in your code or even just figure out why something isn't working as it should, just give us a call. We'll be delighted to help and if you're an engineer, you can be sure we'll talk your language.

OpenSource Software

Everything that you see will be OpenSource under an OSI approved AGPL license. You will be able to fork off the code on Github and build a local FastAlerts solution yourself (just remember to contribute back).

FastAlerts has been redesigned from the ground up to focus on user experience. Whether you want to quickly fire off an SMS, add contacts from groups or even import an Excel file, the interface has you covered.

Brilliant SMS composition

We call it the Brilliant SMS composition interface. No longer is SMS composition clunky and long-winded. Type a text message or a mobile number, a contact or a group right from within one interface. And when you type in your SMS, get immediate feedback on credits used and message length. Makes it super easy to get started.

Indian Language Support

English is not our मातृ भाषा. Quickly compose messages in the full range of Unicode characters. We support all major Indian languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada and Malayalam. Because of the way SMS messages work, you'll not be able to send all of 160 characters when using Unicode, but our Compose SMS screen provides accurate feedback.

Complete Campaign Reports

Your SMS messages switch many hands before it reaches a recepient. But we take the guessing game out of SMS delivery statistics. Fire off an SMS and immediately watch it being queued for delivery. We'll alert you when we submit it to the operator, and again when it's delivered on the phone.

Integrated Scheduler

Want to remind your favourite customers about your upcoming deal? FastAlerts provides a fire and forget SMS Scheduler interface, again from our Brilliant SMS composition screen. You can also change your schedule later or get campaign reports just like regular SMS.

SuperFast Excel Upload

This is for the power users amongst you: FastAlerts provides industry leading SuperFast Excel Upload: just upload an Excel file, get an instant preview of your spreadsheet, and quickly select messages and mobile numbers. In four clicks, you're done.