Quick and Simple SMS

FastAlerts has been redesigned from the ground up to focus on user experience. Whether you want to quickly fire off an SMS, add contacts from groups or even import an Excel file, the interface has you covered.

Brilliant SMS composition

We call it the Brilliant SMS composition interface. No longer is SMS composition clunky and long-winded. Type a text message or a mobile number, a contact or a group right from within one interface. And when you type in your SMS, get immediate feedback on credits used and message length. Makes it super easy to get started.

Indian Language Support

English is not our मातृ भाषा. Quickly compose messages in the full range of Unicode characters. We support all major Indian languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada and Malayalam. Because of the way SMS messages work, you'll not be able to send all of 160 characters when using Unicode, but our Compose SMS screen provides accurate feedback.

Complete Campaign Reports

Your SMS messages switch many hands before it reaches a recepient. But we take the guessing game out of SMS delivery statistics. Fire off an SMS and immediately watch it being queued for delivery. We'll alert you when we submit it to the operator, and again when it's delivered on the phone.

Integrated Scheduler

Want to remind your favourite customers about your upcoming deal? FastAlerts provides a fire and forget SMS Scheduler interface, again from our Brilliant SMS composition screen. You can also change your schedule later or get campaign reports just like regular SMS.

SuperFast Excel Upload

This is for the power users amongst you: FastAlerts provides industry leading SuperFast Excel Upload: just upload an Excel file, get an instant preview of your spreadsheet, and quickly select messages and mobile numbers. In four clicks, you're done.